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Hello and thank you for visiting my new blog and author site. You are very welcome and I am pleased you have taken the time to take a look. As I update this blog, I will be adding new flash fiction from time to time, with the occasional short story as I write any. I will also be providing news of any of my upcoming short stories with tasters of things to come. I hope you enjoy reading my work and please do leave comments or make contact from the contact page. And do drop by again to see what’s new. Click on the link below if you would like to follow my blog. Many thanks, Ray.

Launched today

Available now! in Paperback! Kindle and Kindleunlimited. A gritty wilderness action adventure that follows a wolf’s fight to survive, pitching herself against rival wolves, prey animals and the unforgiving forest. Order your copy today!

Out now: Dark Clouds Gather

AVAILABLE NOW! Dark Clouds Gather: A dazzling mystery of witchery, devilry, a battle against dark forces and a nice cup of camomile tea. All set in the leafy heart of Surrey. One of the great stories in Dimensions of Fantasy. Available now, two volumes in paperback and Kindle.


Come to me my hero, my darling, my Heracles, my savior. Come to me my passion, my desire, my every breath.Bring to me your sturdy arms, your all embrace, your godly presence.These many nights I await you, sleepless, with yet one dream.These waves are torment. They rise and fall betwixt us, yet bind us, everContinue reading “Rock”

Available now: Short and Sweet

Romance, passion, love, war, deceit, history, murder, mystery, happy, tragic, magic, sweet and short, these brilliant tales of just about everything have something for everyone and everything for someone. Some of the best new short story fiction is to be found within the pages of this dazzling new book. A thoroughly riveting read.

Coming soon

You too will believe you are running with the wolfpack Publication date to be announced soon! Details and sample chapters to read


“Tell me everything you know.” “Yes, I will talk, but please, please, don’t shoot me.” “Tell me everything, and you will live.” “You promise not to kill me?” “Of course, I promise. Why would I want to kill you after you have helped me?” “Okay, the traitor in your family is your wife’s cousin?” “Really?Continue reading “Trust”


“Gifted, highly-talented and supremely motivated.”Each member of the interview panel nodded their agreement, as the Chairman continued. “We have all read her excellent work on post-trauma reconstruction in The Journal.” Again, the panel agreed.“She is without doubt the most eminent surgeon in her field,” added one of the panel members.“Indeed,” said the Chairman. “More importantly,Continue reading “Scar”


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