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Thank you for visiting my blog. Here you will find lots of short stories and flash fiction to read, plus links to my existing and upcoming books and publications. Please feel free to reach out any time. You can contact me from the contact page or leave a comment on the blog.

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Come to me my hero, my darling, my Heracles, my savior. Come to me my passion, my desire, my every breath.Bring to me your sturdy arms, your all embrace, your godly presence.These many nights I await you, sleepless, with yet one dream.These waves are torment. They rise and fall betwixt us, yet bind us, everContinue reading “Rock”

Available now: Short and Sweet

Romance, passion, love, war, deceit, history, murder, mystery, happy, tragic, magic, sweet and short, these brilliant tales of just about everything have something for everyone and everything for someone. Some of the best new short story fiction is to be found within the pages of this dazzling new book. A thoroughly riveting read.

Coming soon

You too will believe you are running with the wolfpack Publication date to be announced soon! Details and sample chapters to read

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