The Brothers of Logan County

The first Odd Fellows Funeral held in the town of Guthrie, Oklahoma Territory, 1889

Martin Cheney stood on a hillock at the edge of his claim, looking out over the eastern trail to see a small cloud of dust raised by a lone rider. It was a warm, muggy August afternoon in Logan County in the Oklahoma territory, some hazy sunshine, and no rain for weeks. Cheney stood looking, waiting. He knew who the rider was.

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The Plumes of Enceladus

Deep within the cloudy mass of Saturn’s E ring is no place to discover your Ship Nav is failing.

Our earlier approach had been nothing short of awe-inspiring. As we flew towards the swirling grey globe of the gas giant and its colossal rings, ‘we’ being the ship and me, I just sat in the pilot seat and stared and stared and stared. I knew I would never see anything quite like this again. Closer-up, it was a different story. What had been a vast bright bow of blue, stretching off into distance space either side of the ship, now become a dense cloud of microscopic ice particles, more grey than blue. It felt like we were trapped in a giant, ghostly snowstorm.

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A Time for Empathy?

Image: NASA – The Cygnus space freighter from Northrop Grumman

Deep Space Transport Vessel (DSTV) Endurance – inbound – ending a 28-year mission to the Moon, Mars and the far mining outposts of the Asteroid belt. It is a happy ship but something strange is happening. As the mission proceeds, strange gets stranger…

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Come to me my hero, my darling, my Heracles, my savior. Come to me my passion, my desire, my every breath.
Bring to me your sturdy arms, your all embrace, your godly presence.
These many nights I await you, sleepless, with yet one dream.
These waves are torment. They rise and fall betwixt us, yet bind us, ever closer drawing you to me, the ship’s prow parting the seas as your loins will soon part mine.
I await the moment of my sweet sur…
The siren song was silenced, as sea burst through the crash and splinter of ship’s timbers.