Burial Party at Beckenham Parish Church

Parson William Hogarth stood under cover of the lychgate, awaiting the arrival of the body of dear departed brother Jeremiah Stodart with some foreboding. The family were known to the good people of the Kent hamlet of Beckenham as drunkards and ne’er-do-wells and the affair was as likely to end in an unholy debauch asContinue reading “Burial Party at Beckenham Parish Church”

A Time for Empathy?

Deep Space Transport Vessel (DSTV) Endurance – inbound – ending a 28-year mission to the Moon, Mars and the far mining outposts of the Asteroid belt. It is a happy ship but something strange is happening. As the mission proceeds, strange gets stranger… Read Raymond G. Taylor’s latest original short story and please read someContinue reading “A Time for Empathy?”