Come to me my hero, my darling, my Heracles, my savior. Come to me my passion, my desire, my every breath.
Bring to me your sturdy arms, your all embrace, your godly presence.
These many nights I await you, sleepless, with yet one dream.
These waves are torment. They rise and fall betwixt us, yet bind us, ever closer drawing you to me, the ship’s prow parting the seas as your loins will soon part mine.
I await the moment of my sweet sur…
The siren song was silenced, as sea burst through the crash and splinter of ship’s timbers.


“Tell me everything you know.”

“Yes, I will talk, but please, please, don’t shoot me.”

“Tell me everything, and you will live.”

“You promise not to kill me?”

“Of course, I promise. Why would I want to kill you after you have helped me?”

“Okay, the traitor in your family is your wife’s cousin?”

“Really? That’s it?

“Yes, that’s all.”

“Great, thanks, here’s your reward.”

As the would-be assassin pulled the trigger, the gun exploded in his hand. Rolling on the ground in agony, he could hear the unmistakable click of a switchblade.

“Sorry! I forgot to mention one thing…”

I was late, and as the train rolled to a halt, I grabbed my bag and exited as the doors parted. It was already past 12 o’clock and my onward journey was over an hour. Nothing for it, I had better get moving. I didn’t want to end up being late for my appointment.


“Gifted, highly-talented and supremely motivated.”
Each member of the interview panel nodded their agreement, as the Chairman continued. “We have all read her excellent work on post-trauma reconstruction in The Journal.” Again, the panel agreed.
“She is without doubt the most eminent surgeon in her field,” added one of the panel members.
“Indeed,” said the Chairman. “More importantly, she will be a calm and steady influence upon her team.”
As the professor returned to the room, she gave the impression that she had always been of calm and steady character.
The crisscross scars on her forearms told a different story.


Gaius Julius stood, overlooking the Northern Sea, with his friend Marcus Antonius. It was a bright, clear day and they could see the white cliffs of the land beyond.

“I will have it, Marcus.”

“Gaius, you have just conquered the Gauls. Must you possess the world, entire?”

“They say it is a land of tin and gold.”

“I have heard it is a land of savages, who paint their faces with blue-coloured shit.”

“Marcus, have you no appreciating of the nobility of tribal peoples?”

“What do they call these nobles of yours?”

“You said it yourself: ‘Britani,’ the painted faces.”

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A big sleep

Sedna made the final approach, unaware of her proximity to the icy, rocky comet. Her solitary mission, the first comet walk in history. Suspended animation was necessary for the three-year flight, to preserve water and oxygen, and protect the astronaut from the effects of isolation until she could be reawakened. Approaching too fast, the craft collided with the comet, damaging the radio antenna but keeping life-support intact. Sedna knew none of this. Reanimation sequence had failed. Onward she flew, anchored to the comet, to the outer reaches of the Solar System. Orbital period 11,400 years. To sleep perchance to dream.


“Lili, you have a look in your eye.”

“Oh, Margaret, he was so… dishy.”

“Wasn’t he just, but do you think it’s quite right, you being just 13?”

“He gave me the shivers when I saw him. Imagine, a sailor too.”

“Oh dear, what would Crawfie say?”

“Margaret, she must never know.”

“Well, dear sister, I shan’t be the one to say anything. Do you think Mummy noticed?”

“I doubt it, she was rather busy accompanying Daddy as he inspected the men.”

“Perhaps when Uncle Bertie brings him to the Palace, Lilibet. What was the chap’s name again?”

“Philip, silly.”