“Tell me everything you know.”

“Yes, I will talk, but please, please, don’t shoot me.”

“Tell me everything, and you will live.”

“You promise not to kill me?”

“Of course, I promise. Why would I want to kill you after you have helped me?”

“Okay, the traitor in your family is your wife’s cousin?”

“Really? That’s it?

“Yes, that’s all.”

“Great, thanks, here’s your reward.”

As the would-be assassin pulled the trigger, the gun exploded in his hand. Rolling on the ground in agony, he could hear the unmistakable click of a switchblade.

“Sorry! I forgot to mention one thing…”

I was late, and as the train rolled to a halt, I grabbed my bag and exited as the doors parted. It was already past 12 o’clock and my onward journey was over an hour. Nothing for it, I had better get moving. I didn’t want to end up being late for my appointment.

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