Brutal, was the only way to describe it. Brutal, bleak and barren. That winter had been colder and fiercer than any that Elha had known. It didn’t help that she had been cast out by her family.  

“You must go now,” her father had said. Her mother agreed.

She could understand why they wanted her to leave, but she bore her family no ill will. There was not enough food for them all, and little enough chance that they would all survive the relentless winter weather. Her brothers and sisters and mother and father would have a better chance without her. As the eldest daughter, she must now make her own way in the world.

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Well hello there !

Hello and thank you for visiting my new blog and author site. You are very welcome and I am pleased you have taken the time to take a look. I have launched this site and blog in February 2021 as a vehicle for my (mostly) fictional musings. I mostly write short stories and flash fiction, but I will be publishing a novel later this year, details yet to be announced. The flash fiction, typically stories of 100 to 300 words, will be published here as regular updates or blogs. Some of my short stories are published here, the rest are available from various places, including Amazon Kindle. Last year, 2020, I published a collection of flash fiction stories in paperback. A Town Called Raymond is an eclectic mix of styles, genres and tropes and each of the stories is either exactly 100 words or 250-300 words long. Some of these stories can be found here in this blog or or my facebook page. The original work is in paperback, with only 100 copies made so please ask if you would like a copy, numbered and signed, or blank if you prefer. Priced at UK £3.99 + postage and packing. Currently on offer on Kindle at US $0.99 for a limited period only.